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Cut Carbon Cut Costs: Stakeholder Engagement in Your Sustainability Programme

Date: 15th February 2024
Location: Online
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Theme: Sustainability, Business Strategy

Sorry this event has already taken place - please see our forthcoming events list

Why attend?

Gain the tools and knowledge to optimise your business operations - from energy-efficient technologies to streamlined processes, waste reduction to increases in overall efficiency, leading to substantial cost savings. 


Our sustainability and Net Zero experts will guide you through 


  • Understanding Climate Change & the Drivers for Carbon Reduction, 
  • Practical Steps to Reduce Energy Use & Save Money on Your Bills, 
  • Stakeholder Engagement in Your Sustainability Programme 
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by Marketing Sustainability and Avoiding Greenwash


Share ideas with other business leaders and learn from successful case studies about how to build resilience within your operations and face the challenges presented by climate change. This webinar series is ideal for those who want to reduce their costs as well as their environmental impact but don't know where to start.


With four 90 minute online sessions across four weeks, these interactive workshops are free to attend for any businesses based in York or Greater Manchester.


Stakeholder Engagement in Your Sustainability Programme


In the third session of this webinar series we will look at how to engage key stakeholders, with a focus on staff and management, in your sustainability programme. Businesses will come away with practical actions as well as an overview of how to build an engagement plan.

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