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Growth Matters-March

This month we're back with news on the new Industrial Energy Transformation fund and events for International Women's Day. We're also launching a new programme to help your home's energy efficiency.


Accelerating Innovation Growth Across Greater Manchester

Innovation Navigator is GM Business Growth Hub’s new programme, here to accelerate innovation across key businesses operating in Greater Manchester.

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New programme from our Leadership, Skills, and Social impact team

We are here to help your business to grow and thrive by maximising your leadership potential and igniting the power of your team.

Check out our range of workshops and activities.


International Women's Day Events

On 4th and 8th March we are hosting a series of local events in Greater Manchester focused on the theme of ‘Invest in Women’ recognising the accomplishments of women.

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Home Energy Efficiency – Reduce your energy bills

Launching on 4th March 2024, the campaign aims to educate residents on the ways in which they can improve the energy efficiency of their homes, resulting in reduced energy bills and a more environmentally friendly living space.

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Free Webinar – The Innovation Agency

The Energy Innovation Agency are running a FREE webinar on 5 March, unveiling all you need to know about the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund. This fund will support industrial sites across through the permanent deployment of energy-efficient low-carbon technologies.

Find out more information and register here.


Animal feed tubs that sheep can dine on!

Our Innovation team worked with Fibrestar Drums to solve a lasting sector problem – plastic waste and how to dispose of it – by creating Nestub, a fully biodegradable and edible packaging solution for animal feed.

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