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75% of Businesses That We've Worked With...

Let's Work Together

GM Business Growth Hub is a community of specialists with a passion for helping businesses across Greater Manchester to realise their full potential.

We support businesses at every stage of their journey, whether just starting out or looking to grow. Our expert, fully funded support covers a wide range of areas, including training, funding, and expert guidance. Whatever your business, your business is our business.


The future we’re helping to create is founded on the principle of inclusive growth – with thriving businesses, creating well-paid jobs, for talented and empowered individuals across our diverse communities.

We help people, businesses and communities to grow through positive change, innovative ideas and inclusive expert services. 

With the support of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, we’ll keep supporting businesses in Greater Manchester to reach great heights.  

Let us know more about the support you need to find out what we can we do for you! 


How We've Helped Businesses In Greater Manchester

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91,000 Business Engagements

16,000 Businesses Assisted

289.2m Finance Offers 

2.4m Tonnes CO2 Saved

14,973 Jobs Created 

12,309 Job Safeguarded

Your Business Is Our Business

Whatever your business is, we are here to help. We'll work together at every step of your business journey. If you have a need, we have the right support to equip you with the tools, insights, and connections you need to succeed. 


No matter if you are just thinking of starting your own business, or you are working for a large enterprise, GM Business Growth Hub is here for you.


To Find Out What We Can Do For Your Business

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