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Encouraging Digital Adoption for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector

At GC Business Growth Hub, we’re passionate about enhancing Greater Manchester's VCSE sector. VCSE organisations have informed the Hub that they have a significant skills and adoption need across all digital areas; including access to expertise and learning resources, having the tools and skills to develop a workable strategy and delivery plan; and help to find the relevant funding to make it happen.

We acknowledge that VCSE organisations have been greatly affected by the recent covid restrictions and economic challenges, and that the need for improved digital skills has been a huge influencing factor in their organisation’s survival.

At GC Business Growth Hub, we’re here to help you to bridge that gap; equipping you with relevant digital tools and practices so your organisation can continue to make a positive difference and grow.

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About the programme

Digital4You is a brand new and comprehensive programme of support for Greater Manchester-based VCSE organisations with the aspiration to develop, reach more people and learn new skills.

We have created a programme that will accommodate your time and resource pressures, delivered in four sessions over a four-week period, through a combination of in-person and virtual workshops.

You’ll liaise with a dedicated Digital Innovation Specialist to identify your organisation’s skills gaps, access peer-to-peer learning and utilise networking opportunities to meet like-minded people and open up new opportunities.

The sessions will be led by sector experts, and you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop a digital strategy for your organisation. A personalised plan will guide your VSCE organisation to sustainable growth, so you can continue to make a difference in your community.

What's on the Agenda?

Workshop 1

In- Person Programme Launch

Workshop 2

Building your Digital Strategy (Via Zoom)

Workshop 3

Understanding & Creating your Digital Presence (Via Zoom)

Workshop 4

Digital Operations and your Plan for Success (Via Zoom)

Meet the Experts

Warren Dawkins:

Warren has over 15 years’ experience working in a variety of multichannel marketing, digital brand and communication roles, both within agency and client side.

He is currently a Digital Innovation Advisor at GC Business Growth Hub helping organisations to evolve, create, develop, and improve digital products or services, whilst embracing innovation and challenging the status quo.

Stuart Vaughan:
Stuart has over 20 years’ experience supporting organisations and volunteers in the VCSE sector, both as a Volunteer Manager and as an Organisational Development Officer. He has a passion for helping VCSE organisations and recognises the vital role they play in their communities.

Natasha Moorhouse:
Natasha has great experience in digital marketing and successfully completed a PhD related to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality.

Natasha is currently a Digital Innovation Advisor at GC Business Growth Hub and is passionate about helping SMEs and VCSE organisations improve their digital knowledge, and expertise.

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