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Our services are designed exclusively around your unique needs. It’s a personalised approach focussed on delivering practical, impactful solutions that will skyrocket your business’s performance, invigorate its workforce and boost its sustainability. Leverage our unparalleled expertise, vast experience and expansive network now – and transform your business.


With our unmatched expertise, extensive experience, and vast network at your disposal, we’re here to transform your business into a powerhouse, no matter the challenges you face. Let us be the catalyst for your success—experience the transformation today! all designed to catapult your business's performance, invigorate your workforce.

Self Employment

Considering turning your passion into a business? Or are you already self-employed or running your own business and keen to accelerate your growth? Our EnterprisingYou programme supports the journey to self-employment and beyond.

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Not only have we raised around £300m in finance for companies across Greater Manchester and helped businesses to save £500m in energy, material and waste costs, but an incredible 75% of our clients increase their productivity thanks to working with us.



With specialists embedded in each of the 10 local authorities, we’re committed to helping businesses from all across Greater Manchester to grow in a sustainable way. Around 40% of our clients are based in the most deprived neighbourhoods – proof that we’re so much more than just a service provider. Think of us as a close-knit family of advisors, mentors and experts who are genuinely invested in the success of every business in your area.


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