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The Lean Lego Simulation

This practical workshop explains the theory of lean manufacturing and waste reduction techniques. Participants will work on a virtual production line to eliminate these wastes by working together to identify changes in production which will increase productivity and reduce inventory.

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • understand the theory of 8 wastes in manufacturing
  • be able to identify the 8 wastes in their own processes
  • be equipped to propose improvements that are likely to deliver benefits

Why is this relevant to my business?

This session will empower operatives and team leaders to identify wastes and suggest ways to eliminate them from your operation, helping you to create capacity and drive productivity.

  • Production/operation managers and / or team leaders
  • Established operatives in your business
  • Colleagues who would benefit from understanding the principles of lean manufacturing and waste elimination.

Length of workshop

4 hours

Equipment or requirements

None, if you have a meeting room on site we can bring the workshop to you, otherwise we’ll make arrangements for a suitable location.

Team size

The session works best with a minimum of 6 people. If you are a smaller group we can partner you with another business.

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