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Eligible Projects

The Manufacturing Growth Fund can help you to achieve your growth ambitions and your Advisor will work with you to identify projects which will have the most impactful return on investment, based on your business' needs.

Projects could include: 

Operational Excellence

This could include intensive support to implement Lean manufacturing methodology and tools to measure sustained high performance. 


This could include support designing new products, developing your teams in advanced manufacturing processes and technology or expertise on patents and Intellectual Property. 

Sales and Marketing

This could include market research and analysis to create a strategy for product diversification or to enter new markets. 

Introducing digital technologies and systems

This could include internal processes to boost productivity such as ERP / MRP or total predictive maintenance, or external strategies to implement e-Commerce and Servitization business models. 

Eligible businesses

For the purpose of ERDF application, an SME is defined as an enterprise which employs fewer than 250 employees at the time the support is given and has either:

  • An annual balance sheet total not exceeding the equivalent to 43 million euros, or
  • An annual turnover not exceeding the equivalent to 50 million euros


  • Is not more than one quarter (25%) owned by firms that do not comply with the above requirements
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