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The GM Business Growth Hub, in partnership with KPMG, is thrilled to announce the ASCEND Scale-Up Programme, a pioneering initiative aimed at supporting and accelerating the growth of businesses in Greater Manchester. This innovative 6-month cohort-based flagship scale up programme will provide local founders with the tools, resources, and networks necessary to propel their businesses to new heights.

Participants will also take part in workshops, which include a day accessing KPMG’s immersive Ignition space, and have the chance to attend Web Summit 2024 in Lisbon, recognised by The Financial Times as “the world’s largest tech conference.” 

The ASCEND Scale Up Programme is uniquely tailored to cater to the distinct requirements of businesses in Greater Manchester, irrespective of their sector. The programme offers dedicated coaches and mentors who provide personalised support to assist participants in devising and executing customised strategic growth plans. The programme is designed to empower founders in Greater Manchester to unlock their potential and revolutionise the local economy.

Ascend also encompasses workshops, fireside chats and lightening talks spanning a broad spectrum of topics and curated to meet the needs of the founders on the programme. Moreover, participants will be integrated into an exclusive community of peers, offering priceless connections and avenues for collaboration.

In addition to the support from the GM Business Growth Hub, the programme will include a number of workshops led by KPMG focusing on strategic planning and execution which provides valuable guidance and insight from professional business experts to the participants.

As a standout feature of the ASCEND Scale Up Programme, participants will have the opportunity to attend Web Summit 2024 in Lisbon - “the world’s largest tech conference” named by The Financial Times. Attracting over 70,000 attendees from around the globe, the event provides the opportunity for participants to expand their network, gain investment insights, and enhance global exposure by meeting with tech innovators, international investors, and industry leaders.

“What makes ASCEND stand out is our commitment and support to the fundamentals of scaling businesses,” said Janine Smith, Director of GM Business Growth Hub. “Through a carefully planned combination of workshops, personalised guidance from expert coaches and mentors, immersive visits, and valuable peer-to-peer networking opportunities, ASCEND provides founders with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the scaling journey.  We’re delighted to be working in partnership with the team at KPMG on this programme”

Join ASCEND to access the full range of support and resources offered within Greater Manchester’s dynamic business community.”

Applications for the ASCEND Scale Up Programme are now open for the cohort beginning in September 2024. Founders interested in accelerating their growth and joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply by Friday 26th July 2024. Shortlisted businesses will be invited to an interview.

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