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In the ever-changing world of work and in our challenges as leaders, innovators, creators, and influencers we can sometimes feel overwhelmed. It can be a lonely place where those around you look for you to find their solutions. As a result, we forget that we need support and direction in finding our own way through our challenges too. 

Here at the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, we have launched a new leadership development program called “Pure Leadership”. We are not going to get embroiled in your role, test your technical knowledge, explore your style or leadership experience(s) (but we may share some stories together) we are going to focus on the real you. We want you to be the unique version of yourself as that is what has got you where you are today and or where you want to be in the future and together with others on a similar journey, we want to celebrate that fact. 

Bill George (2003) suggested the key to this is in being authentic and true to yourself and live through your values. 

“We all have the capacity to inspire and empower others. But we must first be willing to devote ourselves to our personal growth and development as leaders… No one can be authentic by trying to imitate someone else. You can learn from others’ experiences, but there is no way you can be successful when you are trying to be like them”. 

Our program starts on Wednesday 28th February with “Leading Self” we explore your energisers and values and how these are viewed by others when “leading people”. You can delve into their values and create the culture that mirrors that when “leading your organisation”. Finally in our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA), world of toady we can approach change through “Leading Innovation” that enables those values to be the foundation we use to develop our organisations and those around you to find their own creative solutions. You can then support and develop them to be the next generation of authentic leaders. 

Come and find out more by joining one of our upcoming workshops taking place across Greater Manchester by clicking on the link below: 

By the way this is not new: 

Lao Tzu (Laozi) – Chinese philosopher (531 – 604) 

“Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” 


Pure Leadership Workshops  

Wednesday 28th February – Online | Introduction to Leadership: Leadership is Learnable Introduction to Leadership: Leadership is Learnable! | GM Business Growth Hub 

Wednesday 20th March – In Person | Leading Self: Developing as a Leader by Understanding Yourself Leading Self | GM Business Growth Hub 


Discover more about Leadership on our dedicated page GM BGH Leadership Programme | GM Business Growth Hub 

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