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Businesses from across the region are invited to experience a truly unique growth event with a track record of rapidly accelerating international expansion.

The International Growth Sprint is coming to Manchester on 25th July, now in its 3rd iteration. It introduces businesses to high-impact growth experiments using Google's famous Design Sprint process.

The programme is hosted by the GM Business Growth Hub and led by Sean Sankey of Much Clearer, with over 15 years of experience accelerating growth for companies across the UK and Europe. 

"This is our third version of the International Growth Sprint now and we’ve learned a lot from the 200+ businesses who have taken part in the 12 events we’ve done since 2019.” says Sean. “The last one in Manchester was over a year ago, so it’s great to be bringing back an updated format for 2024”.

“This is not a passive experience – you and your team will roll up your sleeves and put your business through its paces. But the return is a focused and customized international expansion plan done in one day that would normally take weeks to develop."

Too often, businesses get stuck when it comes to implementing an international growth strategy. They know the potential is there, but can find themselves paralyzed by questions around timing, markets, resources, and priorities. The International Growth Sprint provides the perfect catalyst to get unstuck and map out a clear action plan for the next six weeks that is tailored to individual business ambitions.

This one-of-a-kind event features immersive workshops to help companies tackle the key challenges holding back international growth. Each business will leave with a concrete idea of what to do immediately to drive the business forward on the global stage.

Participating businesses can be from any sector. “We’ve had everyone from Advanced Manufacturers to Engineering companies to Retailers and Ecommerce businesses to FinTech startups... and not a single participant yet has said that it wasn’t for them.” says Sean. 

Although the tools used at the event are inspired by the methods Google uses to quickly validate ideas, the International Growth Sprint is for much more than tech businesses. 

Three decision-makers from each business will be guided through collaborative exercises and frank discussions. An expert facilitator will shine a light on the "elephants in the room" and leverage proven techniques to align your team on the make-or-break decisions holding back international growth.

In just one turbo-charged day, you'll get past the ambiguity and walk away with:

- A prioritized set of experiments to instantly move forward with international growth

- Clarity on target markets, channels, and operational requirements

- Specific quarterly review process to sustain momentum

- A united leadership team, aligned on the way forward

Spaces are limited for this transformative Manchester event. Businesses of all sizes are welcome but must have 3+ people available for the full day and a tangible ambition for international growth.

Don't let ambiguity bog you down any longer. Claim your spot at the link below and unlock exponential new growth for your business.



Join the next International Growth Sprint one-day intensive.  

Thursday 25th  July in Manchester City Centre 

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