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In Professional Development

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Blackthorn House
Appley Bridge
Greater Manchester


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We are In Professional Development

A professional training provider offering a wide range of professional development courses, on an accredited or non-accredited basis. Our course portfolio ranges from 1 to 5 day courses. We work with a range of partners to ensure our programmes are of an industry leading standard. 

All content and courses can be viewed on:

In Professional Development courses

Our courses are available in the city centres of London and Manchester, however, all our programmes are also available via the virtual classroom. Using video conferencing technology, we deliver highly interactive, solution-based training to your team regardless of location. Our tailored solutions allow you to work through live scenarios together as a remote team.

Along with our Open Courses, we offer In-house and Bespoke Programmes, tailoring the programme to suit your particular objectives and requirements, ensuring industry relevancy and maximum impact for your business. We work with you to assess your business and people objectives to develop an in-house training and development programme from the bottom up, to help you achieve your goals. Our approach will ensure your team share your business goals and deliver increased productivity.

We have placed three founding principles at the heart of what we do:

  • Industry Expertise - Blending academic rigor with the latest industry expertise. This is reflected in the quality of our advisory board and learning partners, who not only have vast experience of both but understand the alchemy required to combine the two effectively and creatively.
  • Fundamental Knowledge - We fundamentally believe in knowledge as a key driver of growth and achievement in the economy of the 21st century. Learning is a life-long activity, and every learner travels a unique journey, requiring a customer-first ethos with bespoke programmes of guidance and support.
  • Quality First - We put quality first and always strive for excellence and added value in our services, products, and relationships. We aim to be transparent, fair, and responsible. If we make you a promise, we stick to it, and if we make a mistake, we put it right.

What are the benefits of using In Professional Development?

  • Our courses and programmes are delivered face-to-face in modern, convenient locations and can also be delivered in house on your premises, as well as virtually.
  • CPD points available.
  • We have a range of qualifications and accreditations which are of huge benefit to all workers.
  • You will receive maximum return on your training and development investment.
  • Get involved in high-quality, content-driven and interactive events and programmes that enable specialist communities to meet, connect, network, and share knowledge.
  • We strive to create a positive and lasting impact through the delivery of our courses. This is why all our sessions are structured around taught theory, interactivity, and shared experiences from the real world. Our online training courses are designed to create the optimum learning experience for the virtual environment.
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