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Transforming diagnostic and genomic research into commercial success.


Innovation Navigator is GM Business Growth Hub’s specialist innovation support programme, here to accelerate and guide projects within diagnostics and genomics.

If you have a research project, are in the process of developing new products, services, or have a working prototype, we can provide the support to fast-track you to commercialisation. Whether  you need access to research facilities, advice and support with securing IP or new market identification and launch planning, we can navigate you and address any barriers and challenges.

Unique challenges, unique solutions

Diagnostics and genomics innovations have the potential to drive ground-breaking healthcare solutions that could impact lives worldwide. We’re here to help you accelerate these innovations to market. Our Commercialisation Specialists spend time understanding your business and aspirations, connecting you to the right people, researchers, resources and expertise that will help you overcome any challenges you might be facing, including:

  • Navigating complex regulatory legislation and compliance 
  • Translating clinical research into commercial products and services
  • Applying ethics and clinical translation
  • Undergoing large-scale sequencing
  • Accessing the right resources, know-how and funding

Our Partners

Greater Manchester has a thriving innovation ecosystem of partners and collaborators, whose support you can access through Innovation Navigator.

Hear from the innovative businesses we’ve supported

Lucid Group specialises in medical device development and product design for wellness and scientific systems. The team are experts in user experience and industrial design, electronics, software, human factors, and regulation. Lucid’s innovation specialists are partnering with our innovation team to supercharge their projects.

“All businesses will face challenges and hurdles  when they are trying to take their ideas from blueprints to reality - especially those that  have an innovation that tests the bounds of  the industry. It’s crucial that you have the right expertise around you to help you navigate the challenges that you’ll face, every step of the way."

Alistair Williamson, Managing Director at Lucid Group


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