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Post covid we often forget the importance of seeing things for ourselves first hand and in person.  There is nothing quite like walking a production line talking to the people, observing the sounds and smells, looking at the daily reality of a factory in full production.

Manufacturers in Greater Manchester have faced a difficult operating environment in recent years.  Persistent real-world issues have led to supply chain disruptions which continue to be a significant challenge today.  Inflation and pressures on margins are impacting business operations, and the shortage of skilled workers adds to the reality of manufacturing today.

Whilst it can be difficult to address many of these issues alone, manufacturers in Greater Manchester have fully funded support from the Manufacturing Team at GM Business Growth Hub.  With vast experience across many industries, their knowledge of different issues faced in manufacturing sectors is exceptional.  Our expert Manufacturing Advisors provide fully funded bespoke advice to manufacturers, supporting them to remain competitive in a rapidly changing and complex environment, and bring their business to the next level.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Geoff Crossley, Senior Manufacturing Advisor at GM Business Growth Hub. With 20+ years of experience providing professional consultancy services to manufacturers across Greater Manchester, Geoff shared his insights on how he guides businesses to enhance their daily operations, product quality, and overall long-term value. 


Bespoke Support for Manufacturers: Inside Geoff Crossley's Strategic Approach

Manufacturing involves establishing a consistent process to achieve consistent production. However, manufacturers sometimes miss opportunities to improve efficiency using routines that may no longer be the most efficient way of working.  That's why it is always beneficial to have an impartial perspective to review the operation and provide fresh insights.


Quick Wins and Long-Term Solutions

Geoff was once working with a company where he spotted a super quick win – observing full shelving he asked the client what the cost of the stored stock was?  The company had a stock of goods worth £30,000 that had piled up over time.  A few more questions established that this was a deliberate policy to create a buffer stock against the possibility of any issues.  Geoff and the client worked together to develop new operating procedures to maintain and order the correct stock in a timely manner, putting £17,000 back in the bank and freeing up significant storage space.  Better still stock damage also reduced as it wasn’t waiting to be used.

As a veteran in providing bespoke guidance to manufacturing businesses, Geoff knows that though businesses may encounter similar challenges, the solutions are unique to each business.  Since there are no two identical companies in the world, their issues should also be addressed uniquely.

One-to-one consultations are highly valuable because they allow Geoff and his team to create solutions that are specific to each company, understand how to utilise change management techniques for the best results for the individual people in each company.

From open discussions, Advisors can give clients the confidence to plan changes for real improvements.  Guiding the client through changes to improve the situation.


Incremental Changes and Learning Culture Drive Manufacturing Success

It’s not all headline grabbing savings; normally it is a series of smaller consolidated improvement over time changes.  Workers begin to understand the benefits of a learning culture, constantly looking for ways to improve the process in charge of their own destiny, constantly evolving improving and consolidating improvements.

Don’t overlook the benefits of engaging your business with the one-to-one consultation service GM Business Growth Hub provides - the service is fully funded to all manufacturers in Greater Manchester.  Our expert Manufacturing Advisors from GM Business Growth Hub are unbiased with no hidden agendas towards their clients' companies.  Their best advice is always aimed at improving their client's business.

Are you seeking support to bring your manufacturing business to the next level?  Our team of specialist Manufacturing Advisors are passionate about growing manufacturing businesses.  They are here to help you identify the most effective route to increased productivity and profitability.  Contact us and see what expertise we can bring to your operation.

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