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April is Stress Awareness Month and this year the theme from the Stress Management Society is ‘little by little’. The idea is that small, consistent actions everyday will positively contribute to a person’s overall wellbeing. 

What is Stress? 

Stress is our body’s response to pressure, and it can manifest in many different ways. While stress can sometimes be good in small amounts, for example helping us to focus on tasks, too much stress can lead to adverse health effects, leading us to feel overwhelmed and finding it hard to cope emotionally or mentally.   

Mental Health UK have some great tips to manage stress as well as tips on how to talk about stress and support others. Mental Health UK have also developed the Stress Bucket tool which helps us to identify our stress factors and to identify healthy and helpful coping strategies.   

The Stress Management Society have a resource page that workplaces can use throughout the month of April to support their campaign, including posters, a wellness challenge and their ‘little by little’ journal. You can find all the resources here

Our Wellbeing Workshops

Following a recent BGH LinkedIn poll 46% of respondents said they would like support with managing stress for themselves and their workforce. Exclusively for GM Business Growth Hub clients, our Wellbeing Specialist Emma is delivering a series of monthly Wellbeing workshops, alternating between online and in-person.  

April Workshops 

Tuesday 9th April - Introducing Leadership Wellbeing: Strategies for effectively managing stress workshop covers this topic in detail, if you’d like to register for our next workshop on the 9th April click here

Thursday 11th April - Implementing a Wellbeing Strategy in Your Business This workshop will cover an introduction to wellbeing strategies, what they should cover and the benefits of a wellbeing strategy for a business and their workforce. Register here

Wellbeing Specialist: About Emma

Emma Connolly has joined the GM Business Growth Hub as a Wellbeing Specialist.  Her role as Wellbeing Specialist is to engage, support and guide businesses to improve wellbeing for both the workforce and leaders, ensuring they have the tools required to implement or improve upon their current wellbeing strategy.  

Further Resources 

Mental Health UK: Overview | LinkedIn 

(1) The Stress Management Society: Overview | LinkedIn

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