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Business Innovation

Join 3,000 SMEs who’ve benefitted from the most comprehensive innovation support available in Greater Manchester.


Take a look at the list below – do any of these sentences sound familiar? If so, you’re on the right page.

  • You know you should be spending more time on the business, not in the business, but can’t seem to find the opportunity to take a step back and work on strategy
  • You have a great idea, but lack the knowledge, finance or connections that would really drive it forward
  • You’d benefit from a fresh perspective from someone who’s been there and done it, but there’s no budget for bringing in a consultant
  • You’re struggling to overcome a technical problem that’s blocking product development and need access to additional skills and testing facilities
  • You know there’s innovation support out there, but there are so many different offers that it’s difficult knowing where to begin in terms of accessing it

Many businesses are well aware of the need to be innovative, that a business plan based on ‘a bit better than last year’ isn’t the best way to open up growth opportunities. But putting a new approach into practice while juggling 101 day-to-day tasks is the difficult part.

That’s where we come in. Our innovation specialists have helped thousands of businesses to develop and progress new products, services, processes and business models – and turn ideas and opportunities into sales.

Call us on 0161 359 3050, email or use this contact form. Most of our services are available at no cost to businesses, thanks to the backing of our funders.


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Helping your business to innovate


Using proven tools and techniques, our specialist advisors can support you on a number of areas to deliver growth for your business. What we don’t do is come storming in with big size 12s and tell you how to do your job. We work with you to understand your challenges and become a catalyst for transforming your business.

This fully-funded service is designed for SMEs in Greater Manchester who recognise that, in order to grow, they need to innovate.

Funding for innovation Funding for innovation

Understanding the funding landscape, identify sources of finance and evaluate funding readiness.

Making innovation pay Making innovation pay

Evaluating potential business models, managing risk and getting ready to commercialise.

Insight Insight

Ensuring innovation has a clear value proposition aligned with market and customer needs.

Protecting IP Protecting IP

Understanding intellectual property assets, their value and how to protect and manage them.

Collaboration Collaboration

Accessing leading knowledge, facilities and equipment to solve technical and business challenges.

Workplace culture Workplace culture

Creating a business environment that allows innovation to flourish and encourages new ideas.

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Why do businesses need to be innovative?

Innovation is essential for all businesses, regardless of their staff numbers or revenue, leading to improved turnover, productivity and competitiveness. In research by McKinsey & Company, innovative companies were found to be 2.4 times more profitable than those which carry on doing things like they always have done.

Don’t just take our word for it. Amongst the thousands of SMEs in Greater Manchester that have seen tangible benefits from relatively small investments in time are Stainless Restoration Ltd, which improved the effectiveness of its leading product by 15% after exploring a new approach.

Then there’s dBx Acoustics, which developed a groundbreaking new software tool in collaboration with the University of Salford. And Heelz and Toez, which won a European Award in Sustainability for its trail-blazing approach in the fashion sector.

Innovation is not the exclusive domain of global giants. Any business of any size, working in any sector can begin to do things differently. It’s about introducing something new or improved to your business, whether that’s a product line, process or strategy.

The benefits are multiple…

Competitive Advantage


Increased Profits

Reduced Costs


Enhanced Sustainability

Improved Productivity


Retain and Attract Talent

Business Innovation case studies

dBx Acoustics dBx Acoustics

A Manchester SME has developed a groundbreaking new software tool, in collaboration with the University of Salford.

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Stainless Restoration Stainless Restoration

How a Hyde SME strengthened its value proposition in three easy steps, thanks to support from GC Business Growth Hub.

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RDvault RDvault

A tech scale-up receives support from GC Business Growth Hub to expand the team and take its R&D tax solution global.

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