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Invitation to Tender:  Digital, Creative & Tech Sectors & International Growth Support

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Tender submissions must be made via the Panacea e-tendering platform. To apply, please first register as a supplier on the Panacea Supplier Platform here. Once you have accessed the site, to view the opportunity you need to navigate to ‘Register Interest’, click the ‘Participate’ Button’, then go to ‘My Questionnaires’, where you will be able to download the tender documents.

The timeline for a decision varies from tender to tender. Following our evaluations, bidders who score highest may be invited for interviews. This enables us to clarify any aspects of the proposals, and assess the bidder's capabilities and understanding of the project more deeply. It's also an opportunity for bidders to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to fulfilling the contract successfully. 

Not all tenders follow the same criteria or weighting, but evaluation will typically include the following categories:

  • Commercial: Cost and competitiveness
  • Technical: Capability and resources
  • Service Delivery: Flexibility and responsiveness; Communication; Reaction to problems; Innovation and added value
  • Quality: Customer care; Quality of service; Continuous improvement
  • Environment: Commitment; Environmental targets
  • Social Value: Opportunities for local people; Supporting local initiatives

Respondents are advised to refer to the Growth Company’s Responsible Procurement Principles before completing their submission.  

We will pay invoiced amounts within 30 days of the date of a correctly rendered invoice, unless we have agreed in writing a different period with the supplier. For full details of T&Cs, please refer to this page on the Growth Company website: Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services

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