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British Business Bank

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British Business Bank
Foundry House
3 Millsands
S3 8NH


0114 206 2131


Our objectives

  • We will increase the supply of finance available to smaller businesses where markets don’t work well.
  • We will create a more diverse and vibrant finance market for smaller businesses, with a greater choice of options and providers.
  • We will build confidence in the market by increasing smaller businesses’ understanding of the options available to them.
  • We will achieve this whilst managing taxpayer resources efficiently and within a robust risk management framework.

The British Business Bank is 100% Government owned, but independently managed. It brings expertise and Government money to the smaller business finance markets. We don’t lend or invest directly. Instead we work with over 80 partners such as banks, leasing companies, venture capital funds and web-based platforms.

Businesses apply for finance through our partners, and because they work with us they can lend and invest more, especially to younger and faster growing companies.

In total we work through more than 90 finance partners in the market, and we will unlock up to £10 billion of new finance and bring greater choice and information on finance options to smaller businesses.

Our work and corporate culture is driven and supported by our organisation’s values:

  • Enabling – our overarching value
  • Improving
  • Acting with integrity
  • Connecting
  • Delivering
  • Being commercially-minded.

Our programmes are designed to bring benefits to smaller businesses that are start-ups, high growth, or simply viable but underfunded. We have a commercial arm, British Business Bank Investments Ltd, which makes investments into providers of finance to smaller business in the UK.

We are creating the opportunity for smaller businesses to invest and grow, creating additional jobs and economic activity.

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