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Counting King

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Counting King R&D Consultants
10 Exchange Quay
M5 3EQ


0161 667 5069


Counting King is a specialist R&D Tax Credit firm that helps Greater Manchester based businesses receive funding from the UK government when they have endeavoured to innovate their business through technological or scientific methods.

We make all of the jargon and pages of guidelines make sense and take a typically complicated application process and make it fully compliant and simple to follow.

Our goal is to be a resource helping businesses to grow and stay compliant and when asked, help to submit applications on their behalf.

Broadly we can help any UK business that has innovated but we focus on the Greater Manchester region and specifically help manufacturers and technology based businesses.

We can compile and submit an R&D tax credit application with as little as 45 minutes of a directors time making our process easy and fast!

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