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Business sector:

Business Support

St. Thomas Centre
Ardwick Green North
M12 6FZ


0161 277 1004


GMCVO is the voluntary sector support and development organisation covering the GM/c city region. • Charity 504542 • Company 1223344 • Per annum: Direct services to 3k orgs; 2k newsletter subs; 15k St Thomas Centre visitors; 100k website unique visits Practical activities:  Business development support for social and community enterprise including training; mentoring; networking; brokerage of support, investment & funding from national providers; hosting start-ups; support for community hubs incl asset transfer, green energy; database and website development  Acting as a prime contractor to enable local organisations to deliver large contracts including European funds  Provision of information for and about our sector, policy work, advocacy for local and networking within and beyond the sector  Research into our sector to understand its strengths, attributes and impact in GM/c and to share ideas with others