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Innatarum is a psychology-based coaching and consulting firm with extensive experience in change management. The team pride themselves on "Maximising People Potential" by working with organisations to solve their people problems.

By working with organisations, providing research-based solutions which provide tangible, metrics-based ROI, Innatarum create bespoke solutions to support business engagement and growth.

For established organisations

Innatarum provides some of the services below to established organisations;

  • Improving employee engagement
  • Creating sustainable culture change
  • Equipping employees on how to have difficult conversations
  • Creating the leaders of the future
  • Coaching for success
  • Strategic planning and facilitation workshops (Hive Mind Labs)

For start-ups

Innatarum provides a range of services for newly started organisations:

  • Creating the Vision & Values of the organisation
  • Coaching for founders
  • Prioritising and networking
  • Strategic planning and facilitation workshops (Hive Mind Labs) 

Organisations that have worked with the Innatarum team in the past have reported significant and sustainable change which has had a direct impact on employee engagement and retention, customer satisfaction, and overall impact on bottom line profit margins.

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