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Innovate UK

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Innovate UK is the new name for The Technology Strategy Board

Their role is to support innovative businesses and to stimulate technology-enabled innovation in those areas and technologies which offer the greatest scope for boosting UK growth and productivity.

They provide a wide range of practical and financial support to business, helping businesses of every size to invest in research and development, to develop their ideas or technologies, to transform these into the growth products and services of tomorrow and to bring these successfully to market.

What they do:

Innovate UK promotes and supports business innovation in many ways, and we are currently working with over 5000+ businesses across the UK. They:

  • manage and deliver a range of programmes and initiatives to support business and drive innovation.
  • help businesses of all shapes and sizes, from pre start-up, start-up and early stage micro businesses, to small and medium enterprises, right up to large corporations.
  • support business networks and connect and bring people together to solve problems or make new technological advances
  • provide academic-business knowledge transfer opportunities, open innovation networking platforms
  • offer routes for UK businesses to access European innovation and technology funding opportunities
  • provide support for innovation and technology development through our growing network of Catapult centres.

They provide a wide range of support for businesses of all types, recognising that businesses have different needs, come from different sectors and technologies and will often be at different stages of development and maturity.

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