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Invitation to Tender: Requirements Gathering (CRM): T22066

GC Business Growth Hub objective is to introduce a new CRM product that optimises outcomes for GC Business Growth Hub (data, service delivery, social and economic impact etc.)

Robust gathering of requirements from all stakeholders is critical to the success of this project, to ensure that

a) we procure the best software solution to meet our needs

b) once delivered, colleagues and clients receive a slick and efficient system that allows their needs to be met with minimal effort

c) funder requirements are met without unnecessary complexity of process

We have chosen to outsource this activity to specialists rather than undertake the activity in-house.

There are also several central stakeholders whose requirements need to be considered (marketing, contracts officers, compliance, BI, enquiries teams etc.). In addition, there are a range of different funded programmes whose current additional requirements need to be understood and assessed for whether they are expected to be necessary in the future.

The engagement is to gather requirements from all relevant business areas, in 2 stages.

  1. Initial mid-level requirements gathering (needed now to support with procurement of the most appropriate software solution; Dynamics is expected to be the preferred option)
  2. Further fine detail requirements gathering and written specification (blue print) (needed to support the configuration and set up of the product once procured)

Requirements need to be captured in such a way to detail the outcome to be achieved, not the method by which it is to be done. The expectation is not to simply recreate what we have in our existing CRM but to focus on essential end results.

Rigor and check and challenge is to be applied to gain certainty that there is a definite need for complex requirements. Where these have been validated, robust rationales are to be documented.

The successful supplier will run the relevant workshops with stakeholders to gather and refine requirements into a complete and clear set of user stories that can be used to build (configure) the end product.

Product recommendations and configuration activity once procured are out of scope.

Stakeholders will have been identified and grouped ready for initial workshops to take place.

The following activity is required / expected:

  1. Mid -level requirements gathering (expected timeframe: 4 weeks)
  2. Fine detail requirements gathering (expected timeframe: 12 weeks)

Duration, Budget and Payment

The contract period will be from the 28th November 2022 until the 31st March 2023, with an option, to be exercised at GM Business Support Limited sole discretion for an additional period of 6 months.

The likely value of activity under this framework will be between £35,000 and a maximum of £50,000 excluding VAT.

Deadline for Receipt of Tender

Tenders will be accepted until the 13:00 on the 28th October 2022.

ITT Documents

You are required to make your ITT submission via the Growth Company Panacea e-tendering platform.   You are required to complete a basic registration as a supplier on with Panacea at the following web address:

Once registered, you will receive an email granting you access to the site. Your ITT submission will be made on the Panacea Portal.