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Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth – what exactly does this mean? 

In short, it means economic growth that benefits everyone, not the few. Inclusive growth works to reduce inequalities in our society, creating economic, personal and professional growth that delivers a better quality of life for all.

But what does this mean for employers? Research shows higher quality jobs create improved employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity. In short, better jobs are better for business. 


The Business Growth Hub understands how to help businesses shape their business and workforce to promote inclusive growth...


People, Skills & Talent: a place to thrive

Are you a business leader that wants to attract and retain top talent, develop your employees, and create a positive employee culture shaped by your own values?

We’ll review your business, your current procedures, identify any skills gaps, and work with you on a long-term talent development plan.

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Lead the way to success

The Leadership, Workforce Development and Mentoring Teams at GC Business Growth Hub are on hand to help you implement the necessary changes needed to help your business grow.

As a small/ medium-sized business leader, we will support you to develop your expertise in leadership, positive working culture and employee engagement and motivation; ultimately leading to productivity and growth.

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We've worked with a variety of businesses who have put inclusive growth at the heart of their operations. Find out how one business opened an on-site apprenticeship academy to nurture talent; see how one business chose to build its position as an ethical recruiter by helping to grow local businesses

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Find out how the Hub can help to promote inclusive growth in your business: Enquire & Grow today.