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Specifically designed for Greater Manchester’s key employers and leading organisations, Catalyst is GC Business Growth Hub’s dedicated large company programme.


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Catalyst's Pillars of Productivity

Catalyst's rounded programme of support focuses on six key business areas to unlock productivity growth.

Leadership Development Leadership Development

Gain access to the latest tailored training and take an active part in our mentoring programmes.

Commercial Excellence Commercial Excellence

Build advanced commercial capabilities to accelerate your overall growth.

Operational Efficiency Operational Efficiency

Improve productivity and deliver continuous improvement.

Talent Management Talent Management

Ensure your company is attracting and retaining high-quality employees and developing their skills.

Planning for the Future Planning for the Future

Work closely with industry experts to shape the future of your business and safeguard your people, assets and brand equity.

Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

Be part of our ambition to drive growth across the region through diversity, inclusivity and sustainability.

Why Catalyst?

Dedicated Key Account Manager

Growth and Productivity

Disruptive and Innovative Ideas

Develop Successful Relationships

Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Start your Catalyst Journey Today

Eligibility Criteria

This programme is open to UK owned businesses who have a minimum of 250 employees and/or a turnover >€50 million